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We have recently updated the confidentiality agreement which you previously agreed to when you signed up as a mystery shopper. You can view this agreement on your shopper profile by clicking on 'View Shopper Agreement' at the bottom of your profile.


We are pleased to inform you that we have introduced PayPal as a method of payment. You may have noticed on your shopper profile, there is a new option to accept payments through PayPal.

PayPal is an online payment service that enables its users to send and receive money worldwide. It is a fast, easy and secure way to receive payments.

The benefits of PayPal are:

1. Its Fast
Receiving your payment is quicker than waiting for a cheque. All PayPal payments will be transferred by the end of the following month (e.g. shops completed in June will be paid at the end of July). So no more waiting for a cheque to arrive in the post!

2. Easier to manage/monitor your payments.
It will be easier to see when a payment has been received and you will have an online record of all payments received.

3. Security
PayPal works as an account separate from your bank account. We transfer money into your PayPal account and you can choose when to transfer it to your bank account.

4. Shop online
You can also use PayPal to shop at thousands of websites. From small specialist retailers to some of the biggest names on the high street, the list just keeps growing. PayPal is a safer way to pay online because you dont have to keep entering your card details, which means you can also check out faster. All you need is your email address for quick, easy payment.

5. Fast & Easy to set up
You can set up your PayPal account by logging onto and then dont forget to tick the 'I accept payments through PayPal' box on your Shopper Profile page.